About us

Aims & Objectives of Inner Eye Foundation

We desire to create a better future for the physically challenged in our society, and we believe that every helping hand, no matter how small, goes a long way.

Our objective at Inner Eye Foundation is to help improve the lives of persons living with disabilities, as well as persons who are less privileged.

We are achieving this through the provision of quality education and skills acquisition opportunities, medical outreach, provision of wheelchairs, canes, clothing, shelter, monetary gifts, and whatever it requires to help them live as normal a life as possible.

Inner Eye Foundation as an NGO also desires to establish support schemes through various other charities, scholarships, healthcare providers, and sponsors working in collaboration with government bodies, donor agencies, corporate bodies, and other foundations of like mind.

Fortunately, one of the trustees of Inner Eye Foundation happens to be a radio presenter, and he has taken advantage of that platform to educate people about  the plight of people living with disability. He also fields calls from listeners with one challenge or the other and we are always happy to lend a helping hand.


Kelly Igberhi Profile:

Mr. Kelly Igberhi, popularly known as Kelly Blind is a native of Sapele Local Government Area of Delta State. Kelly lost his sight after a bout with measles at the age of 11, but was lucky to have attended the Nigerian Farmcraft Center, a school for the blind located in Lagos State.

While he was fortunate to acquire a number of skills at Farmcraft Centre, it was his natural ability to tell jokes and make people laugh that has sustained him.

Kelly Blind, as he is popularly known, has been fortunate to grace the stage with numerous well-known Nigerian comedians. His gift for telling jokes also landed him a regular spot on the popular radio station, Wazobia FM 95.1 Lagos where he hosts a weekly Saturday morning radio program tagged Beta Naija for Persons Living with Disability.

From speaking for over 27 Million persons living with disability (PWD) in Nigeria, Kelly Blind decided that he could make more of an impact by teaming up with his friend to set up Inner Eye Foundation and by physically interacting with persons with disabilities (PWD) and those that call into his radio show.


Nduwuishi Anni Osuji Profile:

Nduwuishi has varying experience working within the Nigerian telecommunications industry, spanning over a decade. His schedule of duties at various times included operational and executive leadership, new product development, training, and the establishment of a number of key foreign partnerships with companies in the UK, China, and South Africa.

Most recently, however, Nduwuishi has chosen the life of an entrepreneur and a philanthropist, focusing on real estate investment and brokerage, provision of alternative energy home solutions, estate information management solutions, and charity work.

Nduwuishi is a native of Owerri North LGA in Imo State and resides in Lagos with his family